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From the Action Center

Jim C (2)

“My son was required to read pornography”

On January 13th, amidst the screaming objections of a divided room, Jim Chevalier from Appoquinimink School District explained how his son was required to read graphic sex scenes in class. Right now, students in Delaware schools are being exposed, on purpose, to hundreds of obscenities in their reading assignments - like this story of a young girl who is graphically raped by her father. And this one containing over 100 cases of explicit sex, drug use, profanity, and peer pressure.
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Legalizing suicide: What it means

The "Death with Dignity Act" (DDA) is a legal device designed to grant immunity to certain healthcare professionals for aiding in the suicide of another human being. The law sets up loose eligibility requirements for citizens to engage with physicians and pharmacists in order to receive a lethal dose of drugs and then exempts most surviving parties from criminal or civil liability.
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