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From the Action Center


The “Death Bill”

HB 400 reduces life-and-death decisions to a form (which the legislators have not seen) that cannot possibly cover all the complexities of life-and-death situations.
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Bathroom Bill

Bathroom Bill

Senate Bill 97 redefines gender to how someone "identifies," instead of their biological DNA. In other words, gender isn't your assignment at birth, it's really who you feel you are inside. The bill defines "gender identity" so broadly it could apply to a man who "appears" or "behaves" like a female at work or school and a male at home. This bill requires us to treat him as he "identifies." So if a man feels like a woman on a given day, he has access to all the public accommodations for females... restrooms, showers, locker rooms, and fitting rooms. That's why this bill is called the BATHROOM BILL. It puts women and children at risk to predators. It's simply bad policy.  
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Redefining Marriage

As I write this message to you, your legislators in Dover are already getting letters, visits, and phone calls from people who want to redefine marriage as a gender-less union. They believe that marriage, defined by Nature and Nature's God, needs to be redefined by government to be gender-less so it is "equal." Making marriage gender-less means purposely depriving a child of a loving mother or father. Genderless "marriage" says that either the mom or dad is disposable in a child's life.
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