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Steven Wilson Interview from Delaware Families on Vimeo.

We train champions

Patriot Academy is an intensive leadership bootcamp. Students learn and use leadership strategies, life purpose planning, media relations, public speaking, campaign skills, and the founding fathers' philosophy of government. Patriot Academy is the premier political training ground, teaching youth to effectively lead the change in Delaware. Patriot Academy is scheduled for August 2015... read more.


Faith & Justice Resources

You can make an enormous difference! Join a culture impact team or start one in your church.


THIS Tuesday, September 9 is YOUR chance to stand with brave people - conservative candidates who are putting themselves (and their families) on the line to do the hard things to limit our out-of-control government.   When you vote, you are choosing someone to be YOUR surrogate - representing YOUR values. How they vote will affect your family, kids, and...
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After what I just experienced, I have never been more hopeful for our state and country. Watch this powerful testimony from a Patriot Academy student! In the midst of a rapidly declining culture and discouraging world news of war and persecution, a young generation...
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"If I had not been here... I would not have believed it. There are NO boundaries to these people. There is no line they will not cross, anything is allowed."   In a courageous decision, last Thursday night the Cape Henlopen school board voted 6-1 to remove their entire recommended reading list for high school freshman , since there is no policy to determine what...
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