About DFPC

Our Mission

DFPC exists to advocate for policies, rooted in a Christian foundation, that restore and preserve the integrity and significance of the family in the state of Delaware. Therefore, creating a culture where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, life is cherished.

Our Goals

Through our partnership with DFPC affiliate, Delaware Strong Families, we work to:

  • Promote the transferring of values from parents to the next generation through our biblical worldview resources and programs like The Truth Project.
  • Advance healthy marriage initiatives and programs that promote what marriage is, it’s purpose, while addressing what erodes it and the brokenness that occurs as a result of divorce.
  • Equip Educators in the public school system to live out their biblical worldview and provide a network of support through our Freedom Educators program.
  • Redouble efforts to promote a culture of marriage and family, for the common good of all current and future citizens, while promoting public policy that strengthens the definition of marriage as what is best for children, communities and society.
  • Promote a culture that embraces the truth that every life has purpose and advance public policy that recognizes the dignity and value of life from conception to natural death.
  • Promote public policy that affirms and protects religious liberty for individuals, churches and organizations in all business, media, community, government and education institutions.
  • Mobilize likeminded leaders through initiatives like the annual Pastors and Leaders Summit.
  • Empower and mobilize citizens to take action on issues that impact our faith, families and religious freedom and impact the culture through Culture Impact Teams.
  • Support leadership recruitment and development.
  • Facilitate voter registration.
  • Produce Voter Scorecards for members and individuals to distribute.
  • Teach citizens how to advocate for their own families through active participation in the legislative process.
  • Research legislation and educate lawmakers on issues that impact families.
  • Empower everyday people to stand for their values and make a difference no matter where God takes them.