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After what I just experienced, I have never been more hopeful for our state and country. Watch this powerful testimony from a Patriot Academy student! In the midst of a rapidly declining culture and discouraging world news of war and persecution, a young generation...
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"If I had not been here... I would not have believed it. There are NO boundaries to these people. There is no line they will not cross, anything is allowed."   In a courageous decision, last Thursday night the Cape Henlopen school board voted 6-1 to remove their entire recommended reading list for high school freshman , since there is no policy to determine what...
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This is one of those situations that's so disturbing, it's difficult to believe. Last month, the Cape Henlopen School Board voted to remove "The Miseducation of Cameron Post"  - a highly controversial book - from the district's recommended reading list for high school freshmen. They removed it because parents were outraged by it.   Now Delaware...
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