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We have filed a federal lawsuit against the State of Delaware. The Delaware Legislature has decided that if we tell you a candidate's position on an important issue before an election, then the state has a right to access our private records and monitor our activities. This is a violation of our Constitutional right to free speech: a blatant attempt to intimidate all of us....
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By Wendy Griffin              Imagine a thirteen year-old girl coming home from school and showing her parents a photograph she had taken of a poster on a classroom door. The poster asks, “How do people express their sexual feelings?” Below the question there are several responses ranging from “holding hands, hugging, talking” to...
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By Wendy Griffin            On January 22, 2014, our country celebrated the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, giving women in all fifty states the legal right to have an abortion. This celebration did nothing to put me in a festive mood as I thought about the 56 million + lives that have been lost “in the name of women’s rights.” Aren’t...
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