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Pastors and Leaders Summit

The Summit is a private event where pastors and influencers throughout Delaware come together to be informed and equipped and learn how to rebuild and shape the culture around us through a Gospel-centered approach. (Neh. 4:17, 18). This is a complimentary event, because it is underwritten by sponsors. To reserve a table, become an event sponsor. Invite like-minded influencers as quickly as possible, and get their commitment to attend as your guest. The event will fill quickly. Registration…
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Patriot Academy Resized

Patriot Academy

Patriot Academy is an intensive leadership bootcamp. Students learn and use leadership strategies, life purpose planning, media relations, public speaking, campaign skills, and the founding fathers' philosophy of government. Patriot Academy is the premier political training ground in the nation, teaching youth to effectively lead the change in America.
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Does Freedom resized

Freedom Educators

Does freedom ring in your school? Are professionals and students in your school free to speak about religious topics or are they silenced?

Few realize it, but students and teachers are, according to First Amendment law, FREE TO SPEAK about religion in the public schools. Mistakenly, most educational professionals believe they are not allowed to teach about America’s religious heritage, history, or holidays in the public schools. Also, educators are afraid to allow…

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