Freedom Educators

Does freedom ring in your school? Are professionals and students in your school free to speak about religious topics or are they silenced?

Few realize it, but students and teachers are, according to First Amendment law, FREE TO SPEAK about religion in the public schools. Mistakenly, most educational professionals believe they are not allowed to teach about America’s religious heritage, history, or holidays in the public schools. Also, educators are afraid to allow students to express religious beliefs assuming religious speech is inappropriate at school.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Freedom Educators set the record straight regarding the religious liberties of students and teachers in the public school. As Freedom Educators, we also work to increase the Christian worldview distinctive in Christian schools.

Get the facts about religious liberty in the public schools at a “From Fear To Freedom” event in your area. These events are designed to:

  • Empower educators to appropriately and lawfully address our Judeo/Christian heritage and values in the public school.
  • Teach practical ways to discuss the Bible and the Christian worldview across the curriculum.
  • Update educators on the legal cases settled regarding religious liberties of teachers and students.
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