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1. Regulation 225 allows any agent of the state to have secret conversations with a child regarding his/her gender without permission from a parent.  

2. Delaware has existing laws to address discrimination and bullying. Regulation 225 is not necessary and creates more issues than it solves. 

3. Regulation 225 does not require the school to discuss with parents first the fact that their child is struggling.

4. The Privacy section (pg.5) of Regulation 225, gives no recourse for a student who feels pressured to undress, shower, or share overnight accommodations with individuals of the opposite sex. All students have a right to privacy and dignity.

5. Regulation 225 invites instructional material to be used in the classroom, regardless of age, that promotes the ideology of gender fluidity - as a matter of "being inclusive" and non-discriminatory. Biology isn't bigotry. 

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