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-Human dignity is part of our DNA, not something defined by our abilities, limitations, or circumstances. It is wrong to measure human dignity by someone’s physical or mental capacity, income, or other status.

-Assisted suicide can divide families and force decisions to be made based on money rather than true care. Making decisions about someone’s life or death based on money doesn’t dignify them; it commodifies them.

- We have the responsibility and moral duty to pursue every option to fight for all patients, even the terminally ill and their families. Let’s stop wasting time talking about the right moment to die when we could be helping people find the right way to live every moment they have.

- Assisted suicide laws create a perverse economic choice between caring for the sick and eliminating a financial drain. It is the difference between curing cancer or killing its victims. Assisted suicide becomes a cheap alternative to providing treatment. In Oregon, reports already confirm insurance companies refusing to pay for treatment, yet offering to pay for assisted suicide drugs. By making assisted suicide the more financially feasible choice, patients who are low-income or without sufficient insurance are at greater risk.

- Assisted suicide permits government and insurance companies to decide whose life has “dignity” and is worth living. This is not a decision for either government or insurance companies to make. All persons have inherent dignity. That dignity does not change or even diminish just because of the experience of suffering, pain, disease, or loss of ability to care for themselves.

- Should “pain alone” be the determinant in legalizing assisted suicide? Suicide is not the prescription for pain relief. Physicians don’t need to assist with suicide to adequately manage pain. There are multiple medicines and advanced techniques for pain management available to relieve pain that will allow our loved ones to live every possible moment of their lives.

- True human care never abandons human life. Assisted suicide forces families to choose between caring and killing. Studies show that requests for assisted suicide increase when a family member believes he/she is a burden to his/her family and others.

- Assisted Suicide will allow lethal doses (death pills) to be offered to those with “terminal” illnesses - but, terminal diagnoses are often wrong. And, individuals can live much longer than their original prognosis predicted. 
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