Stand with us to stop the Left's Radical, Sexual Agenda in Delaware Schools and Libraries.  

Children in Delaware should not be subjected to sexualization of any kind! 
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Drag Queens in Your Library?
The newest crusade from LGBTQ activists has permeated 40 states and counting. It’s referred to as “Drag Queen Story Hour” and is an event for children hosted at local public libraries.
Supported by the American Library Association, adult entertainers dressed in drag are invited to read books to children, lead crafts and songs, and facilitate discussions that support and normalize a radical sexual ideology. 

We've recently learned that while these events are being hosted by local public libraries, they are often sponsored by gay nightclubs and bathhouses.

One of the book choices often read is called "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo," which is about two male bunnies that want to get married, and Vice President Mike Pence is the villain – a stink-bug who tries to stop them. 
Maybe you’re thinking, “This only happens in larger cities. It won’t get to Delaware.” 
Think again.
It is only a matter of time before it comes to your local library.
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What can you do?
1. Sign the Petition to declare any of the following:
  • Children should NOT be subjected to sexualization of any kind.
  • ​As a tax-paying citizen and patron of Delaware local libraries, it is my right to vocalize that I do NOT want the harmful Drag Queen Story Hour presented at a Delaware library.
2. Talk to your local library officials. Express that these events are harmful to children. Find your local library here.
3. Support our efforts to reach more people in Delaware, support parents, and protect children. Donate Here. 
If this event is being hosted at your local library, contact us immediately by replying to this email or emailing us at
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