Push Back on the radical abortion forces in Delaware
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-Whereas, the scientifically-measurable and observable 4D ultrasound provides a visual tool of the pain an unborn child 20 weeks post-fertilization is able to feel; and

-Whereas, unborn babies at 20 weeks not only have the anatomy to process pain but also the neurobiology to transmit painful sensations to the brain and perceive pain; and 

-Whereas, recent medical research and analysis, especially since 2007, provides strong evidence that a functioning cortex is not necessary to experience pain; and

-Whereas, this Legislature has a compelling state interest to protect human beings from pain and abuse, including protecting unborn babies from the pain of abortion; and

-Whereas, the abortion procedure is violent and inhumane, and requires that a baby be pulled apart limb by limb using forceps with sharp teeth at the ends; and

-Whereas, this Legislature has already recognized the humanity of 20 week old babies when it passed Lorenzo's law in 2017, which allows parents of 20 week old stillborn babies to receive a birth certificate; and

-Whereas, it is the responsibility of legislators to do all they can to ensure a person’s safety; and

-Whereas, part of that responsibility includes not withholding information that allows women to make fully informed decisions about their safety and well-being; and 

-Whereas, an ultrasound confirms important information about a pregnancy, from location and gestational age, to the critical diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy which can be fatal if undiagnosed.

Now, therefore, we the undersigned plead with you, those elected to be representation, to:

1) Acknowledge the humanity of fully formed 20 week unborn babies and protect them from the violence of abortion. Please vote "YES" on HB52- The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

2) Protect a woman's right to know and make informed decisions for herself. Please vote "YES" on HB53 - The Woman's Right to Know Act.
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