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Written by Nicole Theis on Jan. 15th, 2018
Senate Bill 65 (SB 65) is a proposed law in Delaware that says if your child develops confusion about his/her identity, the only licensed professional counseling your child may receive is that which promotes a homosexual or transgender identity.
Written by Nicole Theis on Nov. 1st, 2017, Updated: Nov 17, 2017.
Policies like Regulation 225 are setting parents up as a “non-ally” and "unsupportive," discriminatory, even abusive, if they affirm their child’s biological realities and work through it instead of embracing the confusion.
Written by Todd Starnes on Nov. 2nd, 2017
White boys could soon self-identify as black girls in Delaware. The state Department of Education is considering sweeping regulations regarding discrimination that would allow children to determine their gender and...
Written by Nicole Theis on June. 6th, 2017
By 3 votes, The Delaware Democrats in the House have made Delaware a late term abortion state. Here is the Good News: On the same day, Delaware Family Policy Council sponsored a Rally for Life at Legislative Hall. Attending this...
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