• No student should ever be pressured to undress, shower, or share overnight accommodations with individuals of the opposite sex, yet, these are exactly the kind of situations Regulation 225 promotes.
  •  The new Regulation 225 ignores biological differences between the sexes in competitive sports and is a serious setback for the advancements made to equal athletic opportunities for girls.
  •  No federal law requires school districts to grant students access to facilities dedicated to the opposite sex. Regulation 225 threatens student privacy and parents’ rights and attempts to erase the  differences between the sexes.
  •  Compassionate accommodations can and should be extended to students struggling with biological realities in a way that protects the privacy, safety, and dignity of everyone.
Proposed Education Regulation 225 will allow Delaware students to "self-identify" their gender And Race Without Parent's Knowledge or Consent
Written by Nicole Theis on Nov. 1st, 2017, Updated: Nov 17, 2017.
Yes, you heard that right.

Section 7.4.1 of the proposed regulation allows your school to "consult" (privately) with your child about his/her gender and race.

If you as a parent are perceived to be "unsupportive," your child can take on a new identity without your knowledge, or consent.

And who is defining "unsupportive" and deciding that your role as a parent can be bypassed and disregarded?

Policies like Regulation 225 are setting parents up as a “non-ally” and "unsupportive," discriminatory, even abusive, if they affirm their child’s biological realities and work through it instead of embracing the confusion.

This is OUTRAGEOUS!  We have to push back hard on this madness and get everyone around us to do the same. 

This is a 5-ALARM ALERT for parents!

State law says we have until December 4th to comment. WE MUST MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD BEFORE DECEMBER 4th. Please sign the petition below.
There's more; sections - 6.4 will allow for boys to play female sports, and male students may access female restrooms, locker rooms, and overnight accommodations. They simply need to "identify" as female to gain access. BAD IDEA! 

Tell the Department of Education NO on Regulation 225, the privacy and safety of ALL students needs to be protected! Sign the petition below.
Before we go any further, let's be clear: Every student should be valued and treated with respect. Delaware has strong laws to address bullying. 

Compassionate accommodations can and should be extnded to students struggling with biological realities in a way that protects the privacy, safety, and dignity of everyone.
When you read the Regulation here, notice the definition of terms and the contradictions. Think through the scenarios that this invites. 
Regulation 225 violates the right of parents to care for their children without government intrusion. If a student wants to change his/her gender or race, and the school perceives that the student's parents may not be supportive, the school may bypass the parents (see section 7.3.1 of Regulation 225). 
Transgender Agenda Versus Parental Rights
Regulation 225 fails to protect the privacy and safety of all students. Students may claim or "self-identify" as the opposite gender at any time and have access to the locker rooms, showers, restrooms, overnight accommodations, and any school activity (sports team) that is gender specific. (5.2-6.4) 
Remember: the public has until December 4th to comment to the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE).
Additional concerns with Regulation 225:
  •  Section 7.4 says students can self-identify their gender or race.
  •  Sections 7.3.1 – 7.4.1 uses the word “may,” meaning the school may disregard and bypass the parents altogether if the school (and who is that exactly?) perceives that the parent is “not supportive” (a non-ally) of the student in their new gender or race. 
  •  Sections 5.1 and 5.2 are completely subjective and create all sorts of opportunities for perceived discrimination as well as the avoidance of teaching certain historical and scientific facts. In addition, they usher in gender identity curriculum, and if one pushes back on it, it will be deemed discriminatory. It's clear that any kind of affirmation of a child’s biological sex can be construed as discriminatory, even telling a student about a scholarship opportunity (section 10.5).
  •  Sections - 6.4 allow for boys to play female sports. 6.4 opens up all contact sports, based on the definition of gender, which is however one identifies.
  •  Section 8.0  mentions student privacy like it's an afterthought.
  •  Sections 1.3 and 10.4 make this regulation a requirement.
Parents need to be aware that children in public schools, as young as kindergarten, are being taught that they can choose their gender. The "Gingerbread Person 2.0" and "the Gender Unicorn" are only two examples of the teaching tools for young students.
IMPORTANT: Regulation 225 invites teaching material like the "genderbread person" or the "gender unicorn" to be used in the classroom, regardless of age. According to Delaware law and this regulation, parents don't have to know a thing about it. 

The popular book George was recently introduced to elementary students in Kansas. It's a story of a 10-year-old boy who is hiding his true identity from his family and friends but unveils his true self to the community in a school production of Charlotte's Web. 

In addition to its promotion of sexual politics, the book undermines parental authority by casting George's mother as a non-ally while the school principal (whose office is decorated with LGBTQ affirming posters) saves the day. This message of parents as the "non-ally" is the justification that Regulation 225 uses to disregard and bypass parents. Please pay special attention to how this is framed, and watch for our emails about it. Parents must push back now on this regulation. 
Listen to this presentation by the "Yes Institute," an organization making the rounds in Delaware schools. 
This presentation was given to middle school students in Delaware by a woman who had a beard, presented herself as a man, said she was a heterosexual male and married to a woman, and can have a baby. Sound confusing? In this presentation to high school students, she was applauded.
What is a parent to do? PUSH BACK and talk to your kids. By all means, use these fantastic materials:

Guide for Parents:

Every day, people contact us from all over Delaware, asking for help in their specific arenas of influence. Whether they are parents of elementary school students or legislators and everyone in between, we equip people with the right knowledge and how to apply it.
Each time we’re contacted, it means a “push back,” because people feel empowered and supported.

Your financial partnership sows courage into the people who are making and will continue to make all the difference in this state. We need your support. YES for COURAGE! YES for the PUSH BACK! 
YES - I want to PUSH BACK
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