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  •  No student should ever be pressured to undress, shower, or share overnight accommodations with individuals of the opposite sex, yet, these are exactly the kind of situations regulation 225 promotes.
  •  The new regulation 225 ignores biological differences between the sexes in competitive sports and is a serious setback for the advancements made to equal athletic opportunities for girls.
  •  No federal law requires school districts to grant students access to facilities dedicated to the opposite sex. Regulation 225 threatens student privacy and parents’ rights and attempts to erase the  differences between the sexes.
  •  Compassionate accommodations can and should be extended to students struggling with biological realities in a way that protects the privacy, safety, and dignity of everyone.
Rally For Life In Dover: A Huge Win For Pro-Life Movement
Written by Nicole Theis on June. 6th, 2017
What a story that unfolded yesterday!
By 3 votes, The Delaware Democrats in the House have made Delaware a late term abortion state. Here is the Good News:
On the same day, Delaware Family Policy Council sponsored a Rally for Life at Legislative Hall. Attending this event were the new young faces of the pro-life movement in Delaware who locked arms with those who have been fighting for generations.
At least 400 people showed up in unity to deliver postcards with bouquets of flowers to all of the Representatives. It was quite a big deal with less than a week’s notice! What a beautiful event to witness. News Coverage: House passes abortion bill despite fiery opposition.
We took ground that day, maybe not in those 3 needed votes but in hearts and minds! 
According to legislators, there was overwhelming grassroots opposition to SB 5 and virtually no grassroots support for it. Thank you Representatives Gerald Brady (Wilmington) and Earl Jaques (Glasgow/Newark), the only two Democrats who had the integrity and courage to vote against the bill. 
With the passing of SB5, the issue became super clear and exposed for everyone. A record number of you called and took action. Don’t think for a moment think it didn’t matter! Oh, it did! You emboldened your Legislators who stood against this horrific bill and came close to defeating it!
And for those who put their big fat stamp of approval on late term abortion for Delaware, they have our full attention now. We have them on record for the first time! WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! See who voted for Late Term Abortion.
Nationally, we are winning this war. As long as we stay the course, we will have breakthrough on this issue in Delaware! 
It’s worth repeating... now that it’s clear where legislators stand; this is not the time to back down! If you are upset by late term abortion becoming law in Delaware, stay the course and commit to the cause.

About Author: Nicole Theis

Nicole Theis is a native of Delaware, and Founder and President of Delaware Family Policy Council established in 2008. Nicole, with her team, leads the Faith, Family, and Freedom effort in Delaware and works daily to equip and embolden Christ followers to courageously engage the culture. DFPC is a gospel centric organization that has grown to be the most credible resource for allied legislators, educators, pastors, parents, and anyone who wants to influence and engage the culture around them. Nicole and her husband, Chris, have been married for 25 years and are parents to two wonderful teenagers.
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