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1. Delaware has a compelling state interest in protecting the life of babies starting at 20 weeks from the pain of abortion.

2. The procedure of abortion is violent and requires that the baby be pulled apart limb by limb using forceps with sharp teeth at the end. 

3. We know that the Legislature has been compassionate in passing laws to protect animals from abuse, even banning the sale of ivory in Delaware in order to protect the elephants in Africa. 

4. We are pleading with you to see the humanity of the fully formed 20 week unborn child and to protect them from the violence of abortion. Please vote SB205 out of committee. 

5. We are aware that the Senate voted on a pain capable amendment last year, and it failed. But since then, this same legislative body voted for Lorenzo's Law which allows parents of still born babies at 20 weeks to get a state issued birth certificate to recognize the life of their baby. Please see the humanity of the 20 week unborn baby once again and vote FOR the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act SB205. Please vote it out of committee. 

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Bryan Townsend
Stephanie Hansen
Nicole Poore
Catherine Cloutier
Ernesto Lopez

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