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-Assisted Suicide would allow lethal doses (death pills) to be offered to those with “terminal” illnesses. But it is nearly impossible to accurately predict length of life simply based on statistical averages, which is why terminal diagnoses are often wrong. Individuals can live much longer than their original prognosis predicted. 

-Suicide should NOT be defined as a medical treatment for pain relief and suffering! Lawmakers should be striving for everyone to know about and have access to excellent care and pain management, instead of offering them lethal doses for suicide.  

-In states that have legalized assisted suicide, health insurance companies are denying patients coverage for the care that they need and offering to cover the lethal pills for assisted suicide instead. 

-Who defines "terminal"? Assisted Suicide doesn't specify if a "terminal" disease is also an untreatable one, meaning that something as easily treatable as diabetes can be considered "terminal."  
 This legislation forces the falsification of medical records. It requires the cause of death to be listed as the underlying illness--not as suicide, so that the life insurance can be claimed. The complete lack of oversight at death ("even if the patient struggled, who would know?") and the death certificate provision allowing legal murder means that there is zero accountability and huge opportunities for abuse and fraud. 

-Assisted suicide permits the government and insurance companies to decide whose life has “dignity” and is worth living. This is not a decision for either the government or insurance companies to make. 

-HB140 can only offer window dressing safeguards that are unenforceable.
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