•  According to the synopsis of HB 399, it's the left leaning activist judges in the Delaware Court system who will interpret the meaning based on "the State's value of equality" NOT my elected Legislators. I want you to make decisions on this issue, not the Delaware courts!
  • The ERA does not solve any problems in Delaware. Every example the bill sponsors brought up as their justification for an ERA has already been addressed in state law. Simply google "Equal pay, Delaware."
  •  The exact same language of Delaware's ERA was used in New Mexico and Connecticut (Doe v. Maher, 515 A.2d 134, 1986) to force tax-payer funding of surgical abortion.
Will Your State Senator Relinquish Your Voice and Allow Unelected Activist Judges to Define 'Equal Rights' for DE?
updated on April 24, 2018. 
Update: Ocean City’s ban on bare breasts goes to federal court --Maryland ERA cited as justification for going topless. 
Update: Women's March Organizers and ERA activists say "Sex workers rights are women's rights." Story below.
The ERA: Delaware's Trojan Horse
To amend the State Constitution, a bill has to pass both the House and Senate by 2/3 majority for two consecutive sessions. Next sessions starts Jan 2019.
HB399, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) seeks to Amend our state Constitution.

What does that mean?

It means a change in the system of Government, where authority is shifted from the DE Legislature to unelected and unaccountable Judges when determining "equal rights based on sex."

Why does that matter? Because, every policy decision comes down to the meaning of words and who decides.

If the ERA passes by a 2/3 majority, two sessions in a row, YOU lose your voice in the process, permanently.

HB399 states: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex.”

Every example the bill sponsors brought up as their justification for an ERA has already been addressed in state law. Simply google "Equal pay, Delaware."

We already have equal protection in the Constitution, so what do "equal rights" really mean? 

If the ERA passes, It can mean whatever a Delaware judge says it means. The Legislature will have no authority.

Therein lies the problem.

The sponsors and attorneys who are pushing the ERA said that it is needed for "future rights" and would have "broad applicability."

So what "rights" are ERA activists really after?

When we consider the history of the ERA and the worldview of those who are behind this effort, it becomes clear that activists want to use the ERA to force tax-payer funding of abortion and to advance the Left's radical definition of gender.

In today's political climate, what people consider a "right" is rapidly changing. 

Maryland's ERA is now being used in court as justification to allow women to go topless on Ocean City beaches, based on sex discrimination. 

A State ERA could be used to force Delaware tax-payers to fund surgical abortions, on the grounds of sex discrimination. That's exactly how the ERA was used in New Mexico and in Connecticut, too, using the exact same language. 

During the House vote in March, when asked if the ERA would affect abortion, the attorney witness testified that it would not. 

But, he was not asked the right question! "Could a state ERA be used to force taxpayer funding of abortion?" The answer is YES - it has already been done.

In states like Wisconsin and Minnesota, where legislators tried to amend the ERA proposal to clarify that it would not be used to influence abortion or the left's gender ideology, the ERA failed to pass.

When there are clarifying amendments added, ERA proponents withdrawal their support altogether. The ERA movement begs the question, what rights are women really being denied that an ERA solves? 

The sponsors of the ERA said now is the time to pass it "in the spirit of the Women's March."

"The spirit of the Women's March"?

Here is a reminder of what that looks like, as well as, the real agenda behind the pink hats. More on that here.

This is the same Women's March who decried the shutdown of last week by federal authorities, a prostitution site responsible for 73% of the Nation's sex-trafficking: plead guilty to sex-trafficking and money laundering on Thursday.
The attorneys and bill sponsors stated outright that the ERA would have "broad applicability" and is needed to establish "future rights."

The result of the ERA is an open slate for left-leaning, unelected activist judges to apply this broad concept to any area of the law - including tax payer funded abortion.

It's the definition of "future rights" that they want to own. 

The ERA is the pinnacle of everything the far Left wants and needs to advance their agenda for generations.

Remember, this is about who gets to decide the meaning of words. 

Democrats are in full support of the ERA but need the support of 3-4 Republicans in each chamber in order to pass it. The House Republicans gave up this critical ground in March. Now, a 2/3 majority is needed to pass the ERA in the Senate. That means, Republican Senators have the control to stop it if 8 of them will Vote NO or Not Voting. These specific Senators below, as well as your own, MUST hear from you in the next 24 hours:

Sen. Cathy Cloutier - FB -
Sen. Greg Lavelle - FB -
Sen. Ernie Lopez - Twitter -
Sen. Anthony Delcollo - FB -

Help articulate for these Senators using the points in this email, in your own words, why the ERA is the Trojan Horse that it is. Urge them to have the courage to reject it.

Please be respectful in all of your comments. 

HB399, the ERA, is expected to be in Committee Tomorrow (Wed.) for public comment. If you're willing to express your concerns in 3 minutes or less, please email

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