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- New Legislators were just sworn in and the vote to change the Constitution is happening in a day? Please vote NO on the ERA (HB1).

- The ERA enshrines abortion as a constitutional right. Please clearly explain to me as your constituent how it does not. Please vote NO on the ERA (HB1). It's a "Trojan Horse" and actually hurts women.
- The ERA hurts women because it does not define the word "sex". There have been recent attempts federally and in the state to change the definition of sex to mean one's perceived gender identity. This is a real threat to women and all that has been accomplished. Women deserve to have this defined in the ERA.

I know you must see this too. Please explain to me why not? Why not amend this ERA to protect the definition of sex and therefore protect women?

- Our Constitution does not need to be corrected and does not discriminate between men and women. Recognition of difference is not discrimination. It is an honest appreciation of fact. The ERA would eliminate unique protections for women in the law. Please explain how it would not?

- This ERA is NOT our grandmothers ERA and will actually hurt women. Please read this!! https://bit.ly/2VGY3KN.

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