•  Delaware has a compelling state interest in protecting the life of babies, starting at 20 weeks, from the pain of abortion.
  •  The procedure of abortion is violent and requires that the baby be pulled apart limb by limb using forceps with sharp teeth at the end. 
  •  The Legislature has been compassionate in passing laws to protect animals from abuse, even banning the sale of ivory in Delaware in order to protect the elephants in Africa. 
  •  The Senate voted on a pain capable amendment last year, and it failed. But since then, this same legislative body voted for Lorenzo's Law which allows parents of still born babies at 20 weeks to get a state issued birth certificate to recognize the life of their baby. We must recognize the humanity of the 20 week unborn baby once again.
The unborn child protection Act - the battle for the Soul of Delaware
June 11,2018 Written by Nicole Theis
A Truth bomb...

That's how I would describe the Hearing yesterday for SB205, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, also known as the "20 Week Protection Bill."
Sen. Bryant Richardson communicated the truth about the life of a 20 week unborn baby. There were young women in the room, activists, who were hearing the truth, probably for the first time.
If you've been following the issues for any amount of time, it's not hard to see this relentless radical agenda of cultural Marxism that breaks down the family. Standing against it is not optional. We must.

The madness comes at us year after year. If you follow it to its end, it leads to death and destruction on some level, every time. It's a spiritual battle.
This is the 2 minute testimony I gave - click here.
While we may feel the blows of it, looking at it through a Kingdom lens, there are certainly opportunities to advance truth.  

When a champion legislator comes along, like Sen. Bryant Richardson, who is unashamedly committed to the pro-life cause and is willing to do the hard work necessary to prepare, who will work legislation against the odds... it also creates a different kind of opportunity.

It shifts us from defense to offense.
Stories! We need stories. You can help! Jordan Warfel shares the story of Baby Benson, born at just 22 weeks and is now a thriving healthy boy. The pro-abortion activists are the ones in purple.
It's going to take time and resolve, but each time we get to have the discussion or the debate, there is tremendous educational value in the process. 

It's that process of exposure to truth that changes hearts and minds.

**** A WIN is when TRUTH is ADVANCED ****

The first hearing for SB205 was a WIN. 
The Planned Parenthood doc proclaimed the unborn baby cannot feel pain until 26 weeks. No one believed her. White nameless lab coat added for effect, really? 🙄
This was a needed dose of truth after the Planned Parenthood doc spoke. Retired Doctor, Dawn Marini was on hand to lend her support.
We learned; we were sharpened. And with your help we will come out even stronger with the next opportunity. The next bill to be heard is the Woman's Ultrasound Right to Know Act, SB240. Keep watch for updates on that

Next Step: We're waiting to see if SB205 will be signed out of committee. 

The goal is to help the members of the committee see the humanity of a 20 week unborn baby. Please keep your comments centered around that goal.

A special thank you to those who showed up at the hearing this week. We thank GOD for you. Those green shirts were so needed. To those of you who testified, thank you for your careful words and contribution. Watch this summary page for results.
Dr. Donna Harrison's powerful testimony at the Press Conference for the unborn child Protection on Act on May 8.
Sen. Bryant Richardson is the prime sponsor of The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (SB205) with help in the House from Rep. Tim Dukes, who said it best, "this is a battle for the soul of Delaware." 
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